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Sculpture and Decorative Arts

For press inquiries, contact Desiree Zenowich at (310) 440-7304 or
For other inquiries, please contact Antiquities at


Jeffrey Spier, Senior Curator and Department Head
Jeffrey Spier is a classical archaeologist whose interests include Greek art and iconography, numismatics, gems and jewelry, early Christian and Byzantine art, and the history of collecting.

Claire Lyons, Curator
Claire Lyons, a classical archaeologist whose fieldwork and research center on pre-Roman Italy and Sicily, also publishes on Greek vase painting, colonialism in the ancient world, gender and identity, the history of archaeology and antiquities collecting, and cultural heritage policy.

Kenneth Lapatin, Curator
Kenneth Lapatin is a classical archaeologist specializing in the art and culture of ancient Greece, Rome, and the Aegean Bronze Age. He has published books and essays on ancient sculpture, vases, mosaics, gems and other luxury arts, Pompeiian and Roman villas (including the history of the Getty Villa), artists’ practices, the post-antique reception of classical art, forgery, and repatriation.

Jens Daehner, Associate Curator
Jens Daehner is a specialist in ancient sculpture and iconography, from the Greek Archaic through the Roman Imperial periods. In addition to a dissertation on nudity in Classical Greek sculpture, he publishes on the history of archaeology and collecting, Roman portraiture, and the transformation of antiquity in modern art of the 20th century.

Mary Louise Hart, Associate Curator
Mary Louise Hart is an art historian whose research has centered on the material culture and iconography of Greek and Roman theater. She also helps supervise the program of contemporary performances of Greek and Roman plays at the Getty Villa. Current research fields include Romano-Egyptian painting and ancient textiles.

David Saunders, Associate Curator
David Saunders is a classical archaeologist specializing in the study of Greek and South Italian vase painting and iconography. He also works on ancient bronze sculpture and the history of restorations.

Sara E. Cole, Assistant Curator

Sara is an ancient historian specializing in cross-cultural exchange across the ancient Mediterranean and Near East. She has participated in archaeological fieldwork in Egypt and has published on hybridizing Graeco-Egyptian art in Ptolemaic Egypt. Her Getty projects include exhibitions and publications for the initiatives The Classical World in Context and Ancient Worlds Now

For press inquiries, contact Desiree Zenowich at (310) 440-7304 or
For other inquiries, please contact Antiquities at or Antiquties Conservation at

Susanne Gänsicke, Senior Conservator and Head of Antiquities Conservation
Susanne is an archaeological conservator with a particular interest in the technical study of ancient and historic metal manufacture, site preservation, and the history of conservation.  She has worked on sites in Egypt and Sudan, and most recently carried of field work on metal preservation in Nepal.

Jeffrey Maish, Conservator
Jeff Maish has worked on the conservation of ancient art across the full range of object types and media. He conducts technical studies and publishes research on ancient technologies, with a focus on bronze casting, the manufacture of Attic black-and-red figured pottery, and conservation methodology. His special interests include the techniques of non-destructive testing, in particular radiographic imaging, and museum environmental concerns.

Erik Risser, Associate Conservator
Erik Risser has been involved with the study and treatment of ancient classical art, including ceramics, glass, metals, and works in stone. He has also undertaken several collaborative projects on large-scale stone sculpture with the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, the Dresden State Art Collections, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Most recently he treated two significant bronzes from Pompeii and Herculaneum in collaboration with the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

Marie Svoboda, Conservator
Marie Svoboda’s major projects have focused on the Getty’s Egyptian red-shroud mummy, the study and conservation of a group of 4th-century red-figure Apulian vases, and the history of restoration practice. She heads the international APPEAR project (Ancient Panel Painting: Examination, Analysis and Research), a technical study of Romano-Egyptian mummy portraits.

Susan Lansing Maish, Associate Conservator
Susan Maish is a conservator of Greek and Roman archaeological objects across a variety of media, including ceramics, stone, wall paintings, and metal artifacts. Most recently, she participated in a four-year project to analyze and conserve a hoard of ancient Roman vessels and statuettes known as the Berthouville silver treasure. Her current focus is the treatment of the silver vessels and Roman frescos in the Getty Villa’s permanent collection.

McKenzie Lowry, Senior Mountmaker
McKenzie Lowry is responsible for the creation of mounts and fixtures for the safe display, storage, packing, and transport of works of art in all media. He participates in research positioned at the forefront of developments in the seismic protection of collections. He specializes in the design, fabrication, and testing of stationary and active systems that help to mitigate the destructive forces of earthquakes.


For press inquiries, contact Valerie Tate at (310) 440-6861 or
For other inquiries, please contact Drawings at


Julian Brooks, Senior Curator
Julian Brooks’s research specialization is late 16th- and early 17th-century Florentine and Roman drawings.

Stephanie Schrader, Curator
Stephanie Schrader specializes in Dutch and Flemish drawings and prints from the 15th to the 18th centuries.


For press inquiries, contact Valerie Tate at (310) 440-6861 or
For other inquiries, please contact Manuscripts at


Elizabeth Morrison, Senior Curator and Department Head
Elizabeth Morrison specializes in the study of Gothic manuscript illumination, particularly bestiaries and French vernacular manuscripts. In addition, she has published on Flemish Renaissance devotional and secular illumination.

Kristen Collins, Associate Curator
Kristen Collins is a specialist in early medieval and Romanesque manuscript illumination, with publications on Ottonian and English Romanesque manuscripts and Byzantine icon painting. Her current research focuses on issues of reuse and retrospection in medieval art.

Bryan C. Keene, Associate Curator
Bryan C. Keene’s areas of specialization include Italian manuscript illumination, French-Italian artist workshops and networks, choir book production and art for the altar, and the global Middle Ages, with a particular focus on the nexus of Afro-Eurasian book culture, portable objects, and materials.

Nancy Turner, Conservator
Nancy Turner’s areas of specialization include the conservation treatment of parchment and illuminations, the history of medieval bindings and book structures, the history and trade of medieval pigments, and painting techniques used in manuscript illumination. She has most recently lectured and published on the painting techniques of Flemish and French illuminators of the 15th and 16th centuries, the scientific analysis of the Getty’s early 17th century Peruvian manuscript, and the conservation treatment of single leaves and cuttings.


For press inquiries, contact Amy Hood at (310) 440-6427 or
For other inquiries, please contact Paintings at


Davide Gasparotto, Senior Curator and Department Head
Davide Gasparotto specializes in European, and particularly Italian, painting before 1600.

Anne Woollett, Curator Anne Woollett specializes in Northern (Flemish, Dutch and German) painting before 1800.

Scott Allan, Associate Curator
Scott Allan specializes in European, and particularly French, painting after 1800.


Devi Ormond, Associate Conservator
Devi Ormond’s area of specialty is primarily in the conservation treatment and technical research of 19th and early 20th-century paintings. She has a particular interest in late 19th-century French painting and is frequently involved in international scholar meetings on Vincent Van Gogh and related artists.

Laura Rivers, Associate Conservator
Laura Rivers specializes in the study and conservation of paintings from a broad range of periods. She has particular expertise in the technical imaging of paintings, including X-radiography and infrared reflectography, and in the conservation of modern and contemporary paintings. Recent areas of research have included Jackson Pollock and Nicolas Poussin.

Gene Karraker, Associate Conservator of Frames
Gene Karraker is the author of Looking at European Frames: A Guide to Terms, Styles, and Techniques. He is responsible for the conservation and care of the frames of the painting collection and works closely with the framing needs for the Museum’s Department of Drawings.


For press inquiries, contact Alexandria Sivak at (310) 440-6473 or
For other inquiries, please contact Photographs at



Jim Ganz, Senior Curator of Photographs
His specializations include 19th and 20th century European and American photography.

Virginia Heckert, Curator and Department Head
Virginia Heckert’s area of expertise is German photography between the two World Wars, late 20th-century American photography, and contemporary photography.

Paul Martineau, Associate Curator
Paul Martineau’s specialization is late 19th and 20th-century American photography.

Amanda Maddox, Associate Curator
Amanda Maddox specializes in 20th-century American and European photography, with an interest in postwar Japanese photography.

Mazie M. Harris, Assistant Curator
Mazie Harris focuses on 19th-century and contemporary photography.

Karen Hellman, Assistant Curator
Karen Hellman specializes in 19th-century European and American photography.

Arpad Kovacs, Assistant Curator
Arpad Kovacs specializes in 20th-century American and contemporary photography, with an interest in time-based media.

Marc Harnly, Senior Conservator and Department Head
Marc Harnly is a specialist in the conservation and preservation of photographs from all periods. Areas of research have included artists’ techniques, mounting and display of contemporary work, and long-term storage of color material.

Sarah Freeman, Associate Conservator of Photographs
Sarah Freeman specializes in the preservation and display of photographic materials.

Ernest Mack, Associate Conservator
Ernest Mack specializes in the conservation, preservation, and display of photographic materials.


For press inquiries, contact Amy Hood at (310) 440-6427 or
For other inquiries, please contact Sculpture and Decorative Arts at



Anne-Lise Desmas, Senior Curator
Anne-Lise Desmas’s main research specialization is early modern sculpture in Europe with a particular focus on France and Italy. Her areas of expertise also include the history of collecting in Rome in the 17th and 18th centuries, the history of the French Academy in Rome, and the treatises on sculpture techniques in 18th-century France.

Charissa Bremer-David, Curator
Charissa Bremer-David has written extensively on the Getty Museum’s collection of French decorative arts of the 17th and 18th centuries, with a specialization in tapestries and textiles. Her recent research has focused on Parisian luxury trades of the period and, in addition, on the 20th century art market for these objects.

Jeffrey Weaver, Associate Curator
Jeffrey Weaver specializes in European ceramics and glass of the early modern period.

Jane Bassett, Senior Conservator
Jane Bassett has concentrated on the care and study of the sculpture, tapestry, and stained-glass collections. Her current research interests include polychrome sculpture of Spain and Germany as well as 18th- and 19th-century French bronze casting techniques and materials.

Arlen Heginbotham, Conservator
Arlen Heginbotham is a specialist in the conservation of wooden artifacts, focusing on the Getty’s collections of French furniture. His research interests include the technical study of Asian lacquer. He has also worked extensively on developing and refining the use of X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy as a tool for authenticating and interpreting gilded bronzes and bronze sculpture. Other research interests include microscopic wood identification, dendrochronology, immunochemical analysis, the history of wood dyes, and the history of metallurgy.

Julie Wolfe, Conservator
Julie Wolfe has worked on the technical examination of the Getty Museum’s collection of French decorative arts of the 17th and 18th centuries. Some of her conservation research includes the study of fill materials for marble sculptures, the electrochemical cleaning of gilt silver objects, and the maintenance and treatment of outdoor sculpture, in particular outdoor painted metals.


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